Welcome to Class 1!

Meet the Team:

Mrs Amanda Scott (Head of School, EYFS and KS1 Leader, Year 1 and 2 Class Teacher); Miss Sarah Adcock (Nursery Nurse); Mrs Julieann Yates (Nursery Nurse)

During Years 1 and 2, one of our main aims is to make your child more independent and a successful learner.  We aim to ensure each child achieves his or her maximum potential.  This cannot be achieved in school alone.  The role you have at home is essential to your child's progress. We welcome your input and contributions.  Please feel free to come in, but also use the reading diary as another point of contact. 

We adopt a cross curricular approach linking our subject areas, enabling the children to cover each topic in a 'new' term.  In this way quality time is given to each theme fostering the children's enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject.

We aim to foster a real enjoyment of books and to help children become independent readers.  Both the school and home play essential parts in helping children to become competent readers. The children will experience reading throughout the day and through a wide variety of activities.

We want the children to enjoy Maths as much as we do and so we always start from where the individual child is and build on their previous successes.  As in all curriculum subjects, we strive to ensure that the individual needs of all the children are fully catered for.

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