Welcome to Class 3! 

Miss Elicia Wilson (Class Teacher); Miss Grace White (Teaching Assistant) 

Meet the Team: Miss Elicia Wilson (Class Teacher)

This is where you will find our wonderful children in Years 5 and 6, who are building on their previous learning and developing the characteristics needed to succeed both in their learning and beyond the classroom as happy, confident and independent children. We aim to prepare our young individuals for the next stages of their journey by embedding these characteristics, whilst also creating opportunities and experiences which will allow them to develop these.

In this classroom we foster a ‘can do’ attitude where children see their mistakes as an opportunity to learn new things and stretch their minds. Children are encouraged to take responsibility of their own learning and strive to be the best they can, through perseverance and teamwork.


What the children think…

“Being in this classroom is an interesting, wonderful thing. Everyone is happy and friendly to each other and when someone new joins, we always look after them so they fit in. Everyone fits in with their big dreams.” – Hetty

“In Class 3 Miss Wilson encourages us all to do our best. She is a nice and funny teacher and she always puts a smile on our face. Our topic is WW2 and with Miss Wilson she makes it really fun by getting soft balls and we all had a massive attack- like the Battle of Britain. So in Class 3 it is really fun and we learn a lot all thanks to Miss Wilson.” - Charlie T

“I think this is a lovely class to end your journey at Primary School. We do assembly in the morning every day and on Friday we have open worship. We do French and ICT on Fridays too.” – Jamie

“This classroom is a very happy place. It helps us to learn and I feel a positive and happy vibe when I walk into the classroom. It is a warm, welcoming room and I am never sad to enter it! Miss Wilson is a kind teacher with a loving heart and she is the one who encourages the positive vibes. Croxton has helped me with all my learning and has also given me heaps of opportunities for the future.” - Matilda


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