Our latest blogs

15 Nov - Today we had an extremely inspiring visitor. Sophie Allen (an Olympic swimmer), came to talk to us about her achievements and dreams and we thought about what it meant to achieve our dreams. We all took part in a workshop about teamwork, which involved us working as a team to complete some fun challenges!


14 Nov - Fire Safety!! Talk to your children about the fire safety visitor we had in school today! We learned all about procedures we need in place to keep us safe in case of a fire, such as: fire alarms; peer pressure; fire escape plan; arson and more!


12 Nov - Our Year 6s visited the Warning Zone today, where we explored lots of dangerous scenarios and learned all about how to keep safe in many different situations: E-safety, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, road safety and more!


Last week in Topic, we made our very own Anderson Shelters to keep us safe while the air raid siren was deafening our ears!! We took our work in there to keep us busy- we had to research about WW2, the Phoney War and when/how it started. We thought it was very fun and it helped us to get a feel of what it must have been like. Some people thought the sirens were terrifying.