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Welcome to Croxton Kerrial Church of England Primary School

We are pleased to welcome you to Croxton Kerrial Church of England Primary School. We are extremely proud of our school and value the partnership we share with our families and the community. The blend of traditional values and forward thinking strategies makes our school a lively, vibrant and innovative learning community. On 1 November, 2013, we converted to Academy status within the Leicester Diocese Charitable Trust; we already enjoy an excellent relationship with the Leicester Diocese and believe that conversion to academy status will secure the future of our unique and lovely school to serve its community for many years to come. 

Our School

This website is designed to give you an outline of the way our school works, the organisation and activities in which your child will be involved and ways in which we can work together to help your child in primary school. We aim to provide a happy, caring, industrious school that will promote high standards of personal achievement and the opportunity for full social, emotional and spiritual development of all the children in our care.

As a Church School we not only encourage our pupils to strive for excellence in the core subjects, but to broaden their education, to embrace and develop the concepts of faith and sprituality, of hope and charity and to enable them to develop into knowledgeable world citizens.

Ofsted 2015:

'This is a good school, outstanding attention is given to developing children's moral and social skills so that their behaviour is always especially good. They work and play happily together. A high emphasis is placed on children's welfare, fostering independence, a love of learning and language development. The staff take great care of the children and arrangements for their health and safety and safeguarding are robust'.

Visits are welcomed; we understand that you may still have questions to ask or points to clarify. In which case please feel free to contact us or make an appointment to visit.

Thank you.

Anne Harvey

Head teacher


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