Religious Education

RE is taught for one hour each week and follows one religious theme or festival each half term. Religious education is provided for all pupils in this school and is in accordance with Leicestershire's agreed syllabus. As we are a Church of England school, the curriculum is interlinked with collective worship, each supports and enhances the other.

At Croxton Kerrial Church of England Primary School we develop the children's knowledge and understanding of the major world faiths, and we address the fundamental questions in life, for example, the meaning of life and the existence of a divine spirit. We enable children to develop a sound knowledge of Christianity and other world religions. Children reflect on what it means to have a faith and to develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding. We help the children learn from religions as well as about religions.

In order to make religious education a lively, active subject we employ a variety of teaching methods including art, music, discussion, the development of thinking skills, drama, the use of artefacts, pictures, stories, and the use of periods of stillness and reflection.

Where possible we want our pupils to have opportunities to encounter local faith communities through visits to local places of worship or visits from members of local faith communities to the school.