Aims and purposes of science:

Our Science Curriculum is underpinned the National Curriculum programme of study. These are that science teaching should offer opportunities for children to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills and relate these to everyday experiences;
  • learn about ways of thinking and of finding out about and communicating ideas;
  • explore values and attitudes through science

These are the main areas of focus for teaching science:

Scientific enquiry (Sc1)

Life Processes and Living Things (Sc2)

Materials and their Properties (Sc3)

Physical Processes (Sc4)

A variety of teaching styles are used to teach science. The main focus is to provide practical and investigative activities that enable the children to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills through first hand experience.


The end of unit expectations broadly correspond to levels in the National Curriculum for science, as set out below.

  • Year 2 - level 2
  • Year 4 - level 3
  • Year 6 - level 4

There is now no formal SATs test at the end of each Key Stage. Children are assessed at the end of each unit and their application of science skills to science learning is reviewed. This is achieved by using a tracking grid.