The Leicester Diocese

Our school is proud to be one of the family of schools of the Church of England and of the Leicester Diocese.

The objective of the Leicester Diocesan Board of Education is to create and build successful working partnerships within the whole of the Church School family, including governors and clergy to secure the Christian dimension of education, whilst enabling schools to fulfil their statutory responsibilities.

Its aim is to ensure that within its schools:

  • Christian values underpin the ethos of the whole establishment and the curriculum provision.
  • Children enjoy a sense of community and concern for others and their local neighbourhood.
  • The virtues of Christian Life are considered and that children develop understanding of other religions and ways life
  • Children develop a spiritual dimension to their lives, in valuing awareness of awe and wonder and encouraging creativity in their response.
  • Opportunities are provided for pupils and staff to experience time for pray and reflection and to experience a feeling of togetherness.
  • Children are allowed to share interests and enthusiasm with members of the school community in praising God and asking for his help and guidance.

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Leicester Diocese

Leicester Diocese

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