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Inspiring a Love for Learning

“Let all that you do be done with love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


Reading at Croxton


Our Pathway through Reading: Let all that you do be done with love


At Croxton, we want our children to become enthusiastic and engaged readers, and to develop a life-long love of books.

We introduce the children to a range of good quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry books through reading to them and with them, as well as making books accessible for them to borrow.


In the early stages of reading, we teach children to decode words using phonic skills as their main approach alongside teaching sight vocabulary. We use the Sounds Write programme as our reading scheme to develop a systematic approach to learning how to read. Once grasped, the focus for developing reading is understanding and comprehension.


Children are taught the essential skills of reading (decoding and comprehension) whilst also using a rich and varied range of literature to further extend their knowledge and vocabulary. Our culture of reading helps children to foster a love of books and encourages them to read for pleasure.


We have a wide range of books that inspire children to learn to read; these are carefully matched to the children’s reading ability and interests. We also have a small but well-stocked library where the children can borrow books to enjoy and read at home as well as in school.


As part of our daily routine, each class enjoys stories or novels being read to them where they can dig deeper to find hidden meanings and to be transported into the world of that book. 


Home Reading and Reading for Pleasure


Developing readers will bring home levelled books each week. Independent readers will bring home self-selected books from their book corner or the library. Please spend time reading with and talking to your child about what they read, and help them to use their reading record to record their enjoyment of reading.


Below are recommended reading lists for each year group.


Please visit Books for Topics  for more suggested reading and the Oxford Owl website which has over 100 free e-books for you to enjoy with your child.


There are more ideas and further information in the following areas of our website: